"Building decent houses in partnership with God's people in need"

One-time Donation

Sustaining Greene Society

Every gift can make a difference.

$10 can buy a box of nails

$50 can buy a Low Flow Toilet

$100 can buy a Kitchen Sink

$2000 can buy a home's flooring

Dream Builder's Club

 Help local individuals and families realize their dream of home ownership by making an annual contribution to the Dream Builder’s Club. By pledging a donation of up to $500 per year, you can make a difference in the lives of others.

We rely on the generosity of individuals wishing to support Habitat’s mission for the majority of the operations budget. In an effort to maintain a solid financial foundation each year, this society was implemented to help Greene County Habitat reach its operational goals in an effort to leave a lasting mark on the local community.

This prestigious 160-member club includes individuals who donate $1,000 per calendar year.  By contributing approximately $83 per month, you will ensure a regular source of funding to your local Habitat affiliate.

Carpenters' Club members pledge to support at least one square foot of every home Greene County Habitat for Humanity builds/remodels at $40 per square foot.  The pledge is due each time a house is completed (maximum three times a year).  The long term support by Carpenters' Club members provides a continuing, stable base of fundraising for construction.

Carpenters' Club

to the Greene County Habitat for Humanity, offers a local family the opportunity to become a partner in building a brighter future through strength, stability, and self-reliance.

every donation...

1985 Founders Society

Since our founding in 1985, the Greene County Habitat for Humanity has constructed and rehabilitated more than 58 homes in the community.  As a result, the lives of more than 210 individuals will remain forever changed.

The 1985 Society allows donors to play a large part in changing the standards in which people live.  By contributing a gift of $1,985, you will directly impact your community and ensure Greene County Habitat many more years to come.